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Exquisite Curiosities

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Pronunciation: ek-'skwi-z&t, 'ek-(")
:having uncommon or esoteric appeal

hey, remember beautifulfreaks? what this community aims to do is recreate the fun of that one, before thoughtless people came along and ruined it.
the rules here are there are no rules, just have fun and keep it fun. if anyone causes any trouble, is offensive or just an overall nuisance, please leave an email at the adress for this journal. if more than 4 people are complaining about you, YOU WILL BE BANNED! if you have tried to make amends with whomever you offended then you will remain in the community, provided it doesn't happen again. there are some people on this thing who are known to start shit, so be warned.

but aside from all the negativity, feel free to post photos, event info, or anything odd or curious you may come across. because life wouldn't be fun without the extraordinary.

(and remember that the lj cut is your friend!)

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