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Evilution III: Wunderland @ QXT's This Saturday (Feat. Hate in the Box, Live!)

Saturday, April 26th:


title or description

Winners from the Costume Contest Prizes will include
- a creepy gift from Wicked Crafts
- $100, $25 gift certificate to (Sexiest Alice contest only)
- VIP status @ Evilution for life
+ More

Wunderland drink Menu!!!
Kevin came up with the wonderful idea to have themed drinks for the night, and here’s what we have so far....
At the party we’ll have the ingredients listed:

- Queen of hearts "Off with your head"
(Crypt only) Limited drink. We are only able to sell this drink only once per customer, if you order this you cannot come back to the bar and ask for another, thats how potent and delicious it is.

- Knave of hearts

- The Cheshire Cat

- the mad hatter

- the White rabbit

- and simply the Alice

- And as always, QXT's happily serves Lucid Absinthe

- the first 25 people that attend Evilution III: Wunderland, over the age of 21, will get a free Absinthe lollipop.
All we ask is if Absinthe is not your cup of tea Please give it to someone who’ll like it!

Friday, June 6th - Saturday, June 7th:

DJ Diva Weekend Part 2


A Live Performance by


photo by Andrew Reynolds
(Saturday, June 7th Only)

Plus, a whole lot more... Details TBA

248 Mulberry St.
Newark, NJ 07102
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